Selfcleaning Heat-exchanger

Concentric rings of thermal plate with brushes continually sweeping heat transfer surfaces; up to 60 times a minute. 


The special design of the Therm-X combined with the automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger plates on the soiled water side guarantees a troublefree operation in extremely dirty waste waters. The system, which is patented, achieves a high thermal effiency. 

Advantage of the Therm-X

  • Continually swept surfaces prevent fouling providing maximum heat transfer efficiencies. 
  • Beacause plates are always clean, transfer is consistently high, not just for a short time after cleaning. 
  • High capacity of the unit. 
  • Available in a wide variety of materials such as 340, 316, SMO 254 ect. 
  • Unit can be easily inspected, by simply lifting a cover. 
  • Flow trough unit is self regulating, little chance of burn on. 
  • Unit can be used for heating and cooling. Wide range of media can be passed through the plates from ammonia to steam. 

​Methods of cleaning

The unique feature of the Therm-X is that it automatical brushes the thermo-plates thus preventing coating. The brushes are fixed vertically to the brush arm, which is continuously driven by a reduction geared motor. The speed of rotation is between 20 to 30 rpm. In addition to the actual cleaning process, the movement of the brushes also cause considerable turbulence between the soiled water and the thermo-plates improving thermal efficiency

Fields of application

  • Weak black liquor cooling. 
  • Waste water cooling. 
  • White water heating. 
  • Bleatch plant effluents. 
  • Coating materials.
Therm-X Heat-exchangerTherm-X Heat-exchanger
Therm-X Heat-exchanger
Therm-X PlatesTherm-X Plates
Therm-X Plates