Flue Gas Condensers

Sical Flue Gas Condensers are installed in about 30 plants and by that it is a well tested system. The flue gas flows between the plates and the energy absorbing media - usually the return from the district heating net - flows inside the plates.

Sical has experience of condensers with surface from 100 m² up to 4000 m². Sophisticated calculation programs are used for optimizing the condensers.

We have experience of materials in AISI 316, SAF 2205, 254 SMO.

Sical also produces condensers for other applications, where the benefit of the Thermal-plates is very useful.
Sical Flue Gas CondenserSical Flue Gas Condenser
Sical Flue Gas Condenser
Flue Gas CondenserFlue Gas Condenser
Flue Gas Condenser