Process Therm


Process-Therm is an air/water heat-exchanger, designed to handle dust laden exhaust air. Process-Therm is provided with a CIP-system, which is a cleaning system for heat transfer surfaces. A water washing system using a spray nozzle arrangement is located directly above the thermal plates. Water is injected between the gaps of the plates at high pressure. Cleaning process can be executed without interruption of the production process. The well proven Process-Therm system gives a short pay-back. 

Advantage of the Process-Therm

  • Trouble free use in dust laden air. 
  • Low capital and maintenance costs. 
  • Reduction of the energy costs. 
  • Compact design allowing easy installation. 
  • Thermal-plates can be removed individually. 
  • Good thermal efficiency owing to high heat transfer coefficients. 
  • Suitable for a vacuum of 100 mbar. 
  • Low pressure drop. 
  • Recovery of latent heat of condensation. 
  • Stable and wear-resident heat transfer surfaces, resulting in a long working life. 

​Fields of application

All processes with large amounts of dusty exhaust gases provide good applications for Process-Therm. Examples are found in the: 
  • Food processing industry. 
  • Chemical industry. 
  • Wood and paper industry. 
  • Textile industry.
air and water heat-exchangerair and water heat-exchanger
air and water heat-exchanger